Coming Soon: Game of Thrones Pop! Keychains


I love that they're doing these in keychain size form. I think they'd be the perfect small gift for any GoT fan, and it's also a way of taking that funko love with you everywhere you go!
Yay! Another great collectible set for GoT fans out there! Plus, the characters have that fresh, cute Funko look in them. Great! I'd love a Jon Snow. Though it would also be nice to have an Arya Stark too.
I am a Game of Thrones fan and one of the characters that I love is Jon Snow so I am excited about this right now. I will definitely buy Jon Snow's keychain plus it has this funko cute look in them.
The Jon Snow one doesn't look nearly as depressed/concerned as he should be.

Okay a bit of a joke there at Kit Harington's expense, but it would be funny if they did caricaturize the figure. It would go with the whole meme of Jon having resting sad face.

The Daenerys figure is spot on though. She looks like she's about to break some chains and liberate a nation of people. That or flambé some poor suckers.

Either way, love both of these.

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