Coming Soon: Jumping Mega Man Pop!

“Mega Man has ended the evil domination of Dr. Wily …”

Defeat the Robot Masters with this new Mega Man Pop! vinyl figure, depicted leaping into action armed with his Mega Buster. No Mega Man collection is complete without the titular hero, also known by the alias Blue Bomber. Embodying courage, a passion for justice and restraint when dealing with his enemies, Mega Man is a credit to his creators, Dr. Light and Capcom, and is extremely unlikely to cause any brawls among your collection.



This toy is really amazing It should be sell whole country Its really cool and really nice to play this toy and if they made a lot of this and kinds of design it would be nice to collect this kind of toys and put it on the nice place where everybody can see it.
Want to know something a little random? Mega Man is actually known as Rockman in Japan!

It's good timing for this release, since the Mega Man 11 Playstation game is meant to be released this year.


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I'm a huge fan of Mega Man, but I'm probably going to catch some flak for what I'm about to say. I love Mega Man X, but I honestly don't much care for the classic Mega Man.

Growing up with Mega Man X, I got so used to the improved gameplay mechanics, I could never go back to the NES versions because they felt too constricting and slow.

On that note, I'd really love to see a Mega Man X Pop that features X's fully upgraded Light Armor from the first game. That would be the ultimate Mega Man Pop for me.
Another classic character that i remember having a good time with. I use to play Megaman on NES and had a great time with friends playing it. This would be a nice addition to my collection.
I really like this type of doll, although I can say that most want to have more than everything in their home decoration, but in reality when it comes to the game, especially the character of Mega Man stands out with all his jumping styles and career, now you can also see in this action jumping in Funko is a novelty.

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