Coming Soon: Solo: A Star Wars Story Vynl.

Vynl.: Solo: A Star Wars Story – Han Solo™ and Lando Calrissian™

I’ve got a really good feeling about this!

The galaxy’s most famous smuggler and rebel pilot walk into an establishment for a friendly game of sabacc and arguably the most famous starship in any galaxy hanges hands. And now you can bring both owners of the Millennium Falcon™, not to mention the galaxy’s coolest frenemies, home for intergalactic hijinks and maybe even a rebellion or two against the Galactic Empire™.

Coming in August!
Wow this is really awesome I can't wait this toy will come out because I'm really a big fan of star wars toys and the best of it you can get both toys in 1 box its totally awesome. I cant wait this toys came out on august and put them on my shelf where my other toys standing and have a pretty awesome views.
I think that the Star Wars related products always sell well, since there's such a wide fan base for everything Star Wars. I know plenty of people who have bought other Funko/Star Wars products and still keep them in the boxes as collectors items!
These are insanely cute collectibles! Yes, I agree that Star Wars always sells and aside from having a wide range of established fan base, Star Wars offers a wide variety of characters and scenes to choose from as well. Adding the Funko twist to one's growing Star Wars collection is definitely a plus! I mean, these cuties are just so irresistible, they would definitely add a lot more fun to one's Star Wars collection.
Looks really cool.If I was still a kid,I would definitely ask my parents to buy me this box with two of one of my favorite characters.I'd say it isn't going to be that cheap because they are Vynl toys.


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With the success of the Star Wars franchise, having a huge fan base and for having a significant impact on modern pop culture, these cute funko collectibles will surely gain popularity.

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